Supporting the youth athletic programs of the Oxford Hills

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Tips for Starting a New Program

Starting a new athletic program requires planning, initiative, and a whole lot of heart! Here are some general guidelines to get you started.

1. Evaluate interest. Many parents, coaches, and other community members already have a good understanding of what types of programs are in demand. If you're unsure, do some informal polling. We are happy to offer our resources to help you gather feedback. We encourage you to attend a monthly Boosters meeting for initial feedback as well.

2. Establish a proposed budget. Estimate income and expenses for the program based on the expected number of participants. Our downloadable Budget Template displays the most common types of income and expenses you'll need to consider.

3. Consider your income sources. Determine what types of fundraising you'll need to do to generate income if registration fees and other parent contributions won't cover your expenses. For example, will parents be responsible for purchasing equipment, or is it covered by the registration fee?

4. Determine expected season start and end dates. It sounds like a no-brainer, but evaluate whether you will have enough funding and participation to start as soon as you might like to.

5. Find a Program Coordinator. Since you're already doing most of the work, it's likely that you plan to be the Program Coordinator. If not, get commitment from one now. A program cannot run without a Program Coordinator.

6. Present your plan to the OHAB Board of Directors. This is usually done during a monthly meeting, but you may also request a private meeting with the Board. Please also feel free to reach out to Board members at at any time during your planning phase!  

The Board will review and discuss your proposal and make a decision on whether Boosters can support the program.